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My name is Charlotte Abrams, and I am a high school senior. Recently, someone close to me had breast cancer and, as a result, underwent bilateral mastectomy and reconstruction surgeries. All I wanted to do was help her recover, but I did not know how. However, after witnessing her discomfort in the car during the post-operative healing period, I realized that I could use my knowledge of sewing as a way to support her through her recovery. I created a specially shaped pillow to help her travel comfortably, and seeing how this pillow benefited her physically and emotionally, I wanted to make these pillows accessible to everyone.


I call this project the “POSH Pillow,” which stands for Post-Op Supportive Hug Pillow. I am passionate about making these POSH Pillows and getting them to as many people who need them as possible. I also want to teach others how to make these pillows so that they can be shared with family and friends or be donated to people who need them. I have created a pattern/template for making the POSH Pillow, which can be sewn by hand or on a sewing machine. 

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