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POSH Pillow Pattern

You can make the POSH Pillow, too! Included here are instructions for sewing the POSH Pillow both by machine and by hand. Here is a template that can be followed to make your pillow.

Instructions for making the POSH pillow

Screen Shot 2022-08-18 at 9.17.40 AM.png

Materials: soft fabric (preferably washable), sewing machine, sewing needle, thread, pins, two-to-three colored pencils (to mark cut and sewing lines), ruler, soft stuffing (a down alternative, such as Silky Poly-Fil Fiber Fill Luxury Down Alternative, works well), and scissors.

Recommendation: print template and tape the two pieces of paper together or print onto tabloid (11" x 17") paper.

Note: The pattern represents half of the pillow. For symmetry, you will fold the fabric at certain steps, as indicated in the instructions. 


Measure two 11” x 17” pieces of fabric (or fold a 22” x  34” rectangle in half)


Place pieces on top of each other so that the outside of the fabric (the part you want to be seen) is facing inward. This ensures that you are sewing the pillow inside-out and that the seams will be hidden.



Measure and draw a line 1/2” in from all sides (if you folded a 22” x 34” piece of fabric in half, then you do not have to draw this line for the folded side). These are sew lines.


Pin fabric together, making sure that all sides are lined up as evenly as possible.


Fold fabric in half horizontally so that it becomes 11" x 17" and all drawn lines are on the outside. This should match the size of the template.


Cut out armhole on pattern (the black line). Place pattern over the fabric and trace armhole cut line in a different color than the sew lines. Later, you will follow this line to cut out the armholes from the fabric.


Cut out armhole sew line on pattern (magenta line on the template). Place pattern over fabric and trace armhole sew line.



Following the cut line you have drawn on the fabric, cut out the armholes (because the fabric is overlapping, you are cutting out the armholes for both sides).


Trace armhole sew line on the other side. Unfolding the fabric, it should now look like this:


STEP 10:

Sew the POSH Pillow:

Stitch: If hand sewing, use the backstitch. If machine sewing, use the straight stitch with a 2.4 stitch length. This video is very helpful for explaining the backstitch.


Instructions for sewing the backstitch:

1. Knot the thread and pull needle through fabric.

2. Stitch three times in place to secure thread.

3. Insert needle in fabric and gather a little fabric and pull through.

4. Insert needle back into the hole through which you started the stitch and reemerge slightly ahead of the completed stitch (it should look like needle, thread, needle).


To sew there are many methods that can be used. I am including two.

1. Start by sewing across the bottom of the pillow and continue following sew line until you are on the final side. Leave about a 7.5” opening (or what best fits your hand for stuffing). Tie off the thread.

2. Start by sewing across the bottom of the pillow and continue following sew line until you are on the top side of the pillow. Leave about a 7.5” opening (or what best fits your hand for stuffing) and continue sewing along the rest of the line. Tie off the thread.

STEP 11:

Reverse pillow so that it is no longer inside-out. Use your fingers or a stick to push out the corners of the pillow from the inside.

STEP 12:

Stuff your POSH Pillow:


- Make sure to fluff the stuffing before putting it into the pillow by using your fingers to spread out the clumps (video coming soon).

- The POSH Pillow should be moderately firm in the outer sections that wrap around the armholes. Approaching the center area, the pillow should be soft, but slightly firm, so that it is comfortable but also will provide protection from the seat belt.

- There should be no clumps of stuffing in the pillow.


- Every so often, forcefully pat the pillow to distribute the stuffing.

- Push stuffing in pillow with a flat hand. This helps to reduce clumping.

STEP 13:

Once pillow is stuffed, hand sew the POSH Pillow close using the slip stitch. This video is very helpful.


Instructions for sewing the slip stitch (adapted from

Step 1: Knot the thread and insert needle inside the seam allowance along where the seam should continue.

Step 2: Stitch three times in place to secure thread.

Step 3:  Insert needle directly across into the other piece of fabric. Push the needle through the underside of the fabric and reemerge about 1/8” forward. This joins the 2 fabrics together. 

Step 4: Once the seam is joined, pull the thread so that the fabrics are firmly together, the thread is secure, and no gathering occurs.

Step 5: Continue until you have closed the POSH Pillow. Knot the thread and ensure that it is not visible.

Step 6: Insert the needle and thread into the seam and reemerge in an insignificant location. Pull the thread so that you can snip the thread at the base of where is comes out the fabric. The thread end should now be lost inside of the pillow.

STEP 14:

Celebrate what you have made and share/donate your POSH Pillow!

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