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News12 October 18th Aired our event

Updated: Mar 18, 2023

Thank you News12 for joining my event and helping to spread awareness to the PoshPillowProject. It was such a great turnout and all of the participants ere amazing!

One, North Jersey, high school, senior is spreading more than awareness

for breast cancer awareness month. She's also spreading knowledge

teaching others how to make a pillow that brings breast cancer patients

comfort in the car are Marcy Rubin reports.

18 year old, Charlotte Abrams, has a passion for pillows.

The Bergen County teen created, the Posh pillow project

to help breast cancer patients after surgery.

POSH stands for Post-op Supportive Hug and then pillow.

They are sewn for patients who are recovering from mastectomy

or reconstructive or other breast cancer related surgeries.

It provides Comfort to patients when traveling in the car

and now she's teaching others how to make them at classes

like this one at the Englewood library.

Both in person and virtually for those of you online. Charlotte came up with the idea at

just 14 after a loved one had a mastectomy and felt discomfort while driving in a car.

After seeing how that really benefited her I wanted to make them accessible

to us Many people as possible. The POSH pillow comes with armholes and sits between

the surgical site and a seatbelt in a car. It's meant to provide support and comfort in more

ways than one, we're not just making them we're filling them with love and that, that is what

that hug is. It's just spreading that love to as many people as possible", the classes and her

website, which has a downloadable template help, others, learn

to make the pillows.

Truly when I say this, every single Posh pillow is made with so much love

in Englewood more see Ruben News, 12 New Jersey.

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